Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cottonelle Clean Slate Review

Crowdtap recently gave me the chance to try out Cottonelle's line of toilet paper and fresh care wipes. I was able to invite a few of my friends for a "Clean Slate, Clean Bum" party so we could all take some time to discuss what we liked and didn't like about Cottonelle. Of course, simply talking about toilet paper and clean bums isn't exactly scintillating conversation, nor is it the best party discussion. I'm sure all of us have been to party and met "that guy". You know, the one who brings up the most awkward and "get me out of here" topics? Well, it would be worse if that was the host. However, Crowdtap was able to solve that problem for me. Along with their amazing Cottonelle product package:

They also sent me plates and glitter glue to decorate them. A sort of fun party idea all while discussing Cottonelle. It took the party from being a somewhat awkward affair of bathroom talk to a somewhat awkwardly fun affair of bathroom talk. Seriously though, since it was held with a great group of friends who have known each other for years, it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable at all. We all a lot of fun talking about what we liked and disliked about the brand Cottonelle and their products.

Our likes:
They have high quality products. The toilet paper is soft and doesn't just crumble apart. Their fresh wipes work remarkably well and are flushable!
Great value: I find that the quality of products is quite affordable. I'm not paying large amounts of money for high quality. I find their prices to be reasonable.

One of the things we all agreed on was that Cottonelle needs to make their products in bulk. I'd like to go to the store and buy a large pack of it, so I'll have it in storage. Yes, I realize I can just get more than 1 pack at a time, but I would like to see bulk packs.

Midst all the bathroom talk we also got a chance to decorate some plates. This is one of them (and yes I know it's no work of art-in fact I'm well aware it looks more like a kindergartner got his/her hands on it):

We were all quite proud of our creations. I'd also like to add that our art skills aren't quite up to par.

*Disclosure: I received this party pack from Crowdtap in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own (and my friends in this case).  

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